Universal Wi-Fi

Over 24 billion international voice minutes handled every year

    • The Universal Wi-Fi service gives carriers or operators the possibility of offering their corporate customers Telefonica’s international Hotspots network, both in their home country and abroad, substantially reducing data traffic in 2G or 3G mobile networks when roaming and therefore, reducing bill costs.

      Universal Wi-Fi is a custom-made service which allows you to choose coverage for each customer according to their mobility.

      Thanks to its own facilities and agreements with other carriers and aggregators, Telefonica’s Hotspots network offers more than 1,000,000 hotspots around 111 countries, granting the service with one of the largest global coverage.

      The service is controlled by an application for both mobile devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Players ....) and laptops, which will handle all of the authentication process transparently for the user and connect to any of the agreed Hotspots.

      The service also includes a web Portal to manage all user accounts and to access numerous reports of service use.

    • Telefonica’s Universal Wi-Fi Service provides a simple and effective way to reduce costs for mobile data traffic when abroad.

      The service relies on Telefonica’s Hotspots network, which, thanks to proprietary equipment and agreements with other carriers, offers more than 1,000,000 Hotspots in over 111 countries making it one of the largest networks worldwide.

      The service is controlled by a Connection Manager installed on the desired device. This application is compatible with most devices and computers on the market:

      • iOS
      • Android
      • Windows OS
      • Mac OS

      The Connection Manager will handle the authentication and connection process to Wi-Fi networks transparently for the end user, allowing automatic connections to available Hotspots without user intervention.

      Telefonica’s Universal Wi-Fi offers Operators the possibility to control the use of the Service, through a web Portal, showing each clients’ reports and usage statistics.

      With Universal Wi-Fi, operators will benefit from:

      • A relief in your home network usage: By alternating the use of Wi-Fi networks when available, with the use of a 3G network, operators can reduce traffic on 3G networks, substantially reducing the cost of CapEx / OpEx.
      • Extra Income in your own Wi-Fi network: Universal Wi-Fi improves the user experience with this type of connection, thus increasing trust and the use made from them.
    • Thanks to owned facilities and agreements with other top-tier operators, Telefonica offers a robust and reliable service.

      With this mobility service, Telefonica Global Solutions offers a convergence facilitator, with a single point of contact, offering an integrated, safe quality management, customised to the needs of each operator right from the start.

      Operators can offer their corporate clients the Universal Wi-Fi service both nationally and for Roaming due to the large number of agreements that provide global coverage.

      The best is always guaranteed, as it is supported by the Telefonica Group, one of the top 10 international operators worldwide.

    • The Universal Wi-Fi Service at Telefonica Global Solutions offers the following features:

      • Connection Manager: Responsible for user authentication, location and connection to available Hotspots.
      • Management Portals: Web portals for control and management of user profiles and monitoring of them (session’s information, locations, reports, etc.)
      • Global coverage: Over 1,000,000 Hotspots in more than 111 countries provide global coverage of the service.
      • Customised rates: The service offers the following options:

        • Flat Rate: Independent of service usage volume.
        • Per Usage Billing: Only charged when the service is used. Divided into geographical zones depending on the mobility of each client


    • The Universal Wi-Fi service of Telefonica Global Solutions offers mobile operators the ability to efficiently integrate the national and international access to Wi-Fi networks for business customers into its portfolio.

      This service can be offered independently of any other one. Users can enjoy the service on up to 5 devices, since the authentication is performed by a username and a unique domain, and is not associated with a device or a SIM.

      Highlights of Service

      Connection Manager

      The operation of the service is based on the use of a Connection Manager for both mobile devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Players ...) and laptops. This application is compatible with most operating systems in the market and is updated periodically providing the latest technologies.

      The Connection Manager will be responsible for choosing the preferred Wi-Fi network (configurable by the operator). It will also be responsible for security by authenticating users against the operator AAA servers. Once authenticated, the user will get access to this Wi-Fi network, making everything totally transparent and efficient for the user.

      Client Management Portal

      Operators can manage their business customers online through a web portal.

      From this website you can also create and modify different profiles for different types of Customers, and even different profiles for different users from the same company, allowing network prioritisation, desired coverage, etc.

      Service Management Portal

      In this website, the operators will find statistics and detailed reports for each services’ customer.

    • Thanks to Telefonica’s own infrastructure and bilateral agreements with first class operators and aggregators, the Universal Wi-Fi service offers a global coverage.

  • Apart from having more than 41,000 "Open Access” Hotspots, the Universal Wi-Fi Service includes over 1,000,000 Hotspots, distributed around the globe:

    See full list of coverage
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